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In the age of convenience Canada Immigration journey continues to be archaic.

Simple applicant needs such as finding the right information quickly, getting credible answers for your questions, networking with other applicants (from same city, same program, settlement timeline, same industry), finding reliable service providers are all painstakingly difficult. If you relate to these problems then ImmiSocial is a must-have for you!!.

Our Features

100+ Groups

We understand one size fits all approach just does not work for Immigration groups. ImmiSocial has 100+ Niche groups to solve this problem. AOR based Groups, NOC based groups, Province based groups, Program based groups, Newcomers groups, Current City based Groups.. You name it! This helps in ensuring that high quality curated content reaches the right audience and community in general is not bombarded with notifications from posts/comments that are not highly relevant for them. 

Express Entry documents checklist

Express Entry Groups

Join Groups based on your program type

  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) Group
  • Canadian Experience Class Program (CEC) Group
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) Group
  • Express Entry Waiting For ITA Group
  • Express Entry ITA Received Group

Express Entry Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)) Groups

Connect with other Express Entry candidates who have applied for the same PNP stream. Understand the specifics of the stream, discuss job prospects in the province, share relevant tips & docs and a lot more.

  • There’s 1 group for each province making it easier for you to connect with relevant applicants

Express Entry AOR Based Groups

Connect with other Express Entry candidates who received their AOR (Acknowledgement of Receipt) in the same month as you. Great to review timelines, updates, connect on travel/settlement plans, share relevant tips & docs and a lot more.

  • Over 6 Months Since AOR
  • Separate group for every month’s AOR applicants

Non-Express Entry PNP Groups

Master groups for all applicants applying for any Non Express Entry PNPs. Similar to EX PNP Streams there’s 1 group for each of the provinces to make conversations more specific for you

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Canada Newcomers Groups

Got your application confirmed? Ready to move to Canada? Or did you recently immigrate to Canada? Our province-based groups help you connect with other recent Permanent Residents moving to the same province as you. This is your group for all questions, paper-work, services, networking and a lot more

  • 1 group per province to make the conversations more relevant to the settlement specifics of that province

Family Sponsorship Groups

Master Groups for all applicants / sponsors going through the Family Sponsorship Programs. Groups available:

  • Spouse Or Common Law Partner Sponsorship Program Group
  • Parent And Grandparent Sponsorship Program Group
  • Parent And Grandparent Super Visa Program Group
  • Dependent Child Sponsorship Program Group

Work Permit Groups

Master Groups for all applicants going through the Canada Work Permit Programs. Groups available:

  • Temporary Work Permit (LMIA Based) Group
  • International Experience Canada (IEC) Group
  • Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) Group
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Study Permit Groups

Master Groups for all applicants going through the Canada Study Permit Programs. Groups available:

  • International Students In Canada – Postgrad Group
  • International Students In Canada – Undergrad Group


ImmiSocial was built from scratch keeping the immigration community in mind. Interface and features are designed to drive engagement. Everything you need is right here.

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Find Similar Applicants

With ImmiSocial’s exclusive Member Profile system you can build connections with other applicants based on Program, City, NOC,  Destination Province, Travel timelines etc. 

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Personalized without personal interference

Facebook groups are great but come at a cost of interfering with your personal network. Keep your personal life separate from your immigration network. With our Profile systems you will be able to network with relevant people without disclosing your personal social profiles

Modern Discussion Forums

Bye-bye plain old vanilla forums. Hello modern engagement driven discussion forums

Mobile App

Stay Connected & Updated on-the-go with our lightweight WebApp for mobile devices.

Points, Badges & Leaderboard

At ImmiSocial, we recognize & appreciate your participation in the community. So, every time you do something awesome, like answer a question, you earn Points & Badges. Points & Badges make your profile stand out by featuring in the Community Leaderboard.

Free Guides

Our Free Step-By-Step guides will help you understand and break this massive journey into simple steps. Even better; users can publish blogs on ImmiSocial and continue to improve the knowledge base.

Express Entry Guides

Make use of our free Express Entry Step-by-Step guides​. These guides have been prepared to help Express Entry aspirants understand various steps involved in a complete Express Entry application. 

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Settle in Canada Guides

After immigration, the next step is settling in, which can surely become pretty daunting and confusing. Our newcomers’ group and guides are there to support you throughout.

Express Entry PNP Guides

All you need to know about the Express Entry Eligible PNP streams run by different provinces of Canada

Work Permit Guides

Coming Soon.. Signup to get notified

Study in Canada Guides

The opportunities for students in Canada are ever spectacular. Our Study In Canada guides are designed to make this process easier to understand.

Tools (Beta)

Publish your own Blogs/Vlogs

Submit your blogs & vlogs for publishing on ImmiSocial. Get your content in front of a large audience with none of the hassles of managing a website.

News Alerts

Got to learn about a major change too late in the past? Not anymore. Use the power of community through our Groups to stay updated and inform others of changes. 

Sample Documents Database

Get unlimited access to sample documents required for your application. PoF, PCC, ECA, Bank Statement, LOEs etc

Sample Reasons for Rejection Database

User submitted database of Express Entry Rejections. Learn from other rejected applications and never fall into the same pitfall again.

CLB Converter

Canada Immigration CLB Converter instantly converts your CELPIP, IELTS, TEF & TCF Language Test scores into CLB levels so you do not have to worry about any errors while using the manual conversion charts.

Express Entry CRS Cut-Off Score Prediction Poll

No one knows what CRS cut-offs are going to be. That said, some predictions from Express Entry community members do have some degree of logic behind them. We’ve put together this free user generated CRS Prediction Tool to better organize this guessing game. Just like any other poll, simply enter your prediction for the draw and the tool will combine your input with submissions from other members to show overall predictions.

Find Service Providers

ImmiSocial Marketplace facilitates discovery of service providers making it easier for millions of Immigrants & thousands of Service Providers to find each other. Find the best Service Providers to help you with your needs. 

Search service providers by Programs, Categories, Proximity, Reviews, pricing and a lot more. Review service provider profiles, check their community reputations, ask questions and compare services with other service providers.

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