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Step 2: Understand Our Community Guidelines

We’re doing something a bit different here with ImmiSocial. We need everyone’s help to keep this emerging community as valuable, authentic, and safe as possible. This means a few guidelines to follow.

Members that do not follow our community guidelines will be banned from the group(s) without warnings and at admins/moderators discretion: Please, read & follow our community guidelines. Thank you!

Communicate in English Only

To ensure that the discussions benefit majority of the audience, English is the only allowed language. Posts that are not in English will be removed.

Respect Contributor’s Time & Personal Space

  • If you performed some research to find answers to your questions then please put all of your findings within the post. This reduces back & forth and makes the responses more specific.
  • Please do not “tag” admins/moderators or other members in the post questions for quick answers, unless that’s really urgent & benefits several members of the group.
  • Groups are not replacements for Professional/Paid Support. If you don’t have the experience or knowledge or time to try and do it yourself or have a complex case, you should consider hiring a professional for your needs
  • Members are not allowed to ask or offer any services via private messaging (PMs), collect email IDs/phone numbers, add people to mailing lists, disturb them with repeated & unwanted PMs etc. unless it’s mutually agreed between sender and receiver. Members who receive such spam can report it to an admin so we can remove/ban the spammer.
  • Please don’t message admins/moderators/contributors for private one-to-one help. They already volunteer a lot of their time and knowledge at no cost to members of the groups. Admins/moderators/contributors don’t provide free one-to-one or offline support through Groups and there should be no expectation of immediate responses. We are within this Group to assist and share knowledge with broader audience. For one-to-one and priority support please consider hiring an expert.

Be respectful, Play nice – keep conversations civil

  • There’ll be zero tolerance for any sort of bullying whatsoever: we understand that individuals disagree from time to time, but we won’t tolerate members disrespecting one another. No personal attacks, no derogatory responses, no irony/sarcasm. If you don’t like something, please report it! No antagonists or “haters” are allowed.
  • Avoid making negative comments about someone’s grammatical or spelling errors.
  • If a disagreement arises, members should use credible sources to reference their point of view rather than simply arguing an opinion of disagreement. No cursing/bad words within the group for any reason. Members that are suffering rude & bullying behaviour/comments/attacks/insults from other members MUST report such comments to Groups’ admins. Please do not reply with an unacceptable response to an already unacceptable post.
  • If you’re sharing credentials or personal information with someone you met within the group or with strangers – Group isn’t to be blamed for any related issues.
  • Troll Elsewhere : There are lots of places online where trolling gets you lots of attention. If you feel like trolling, head on over to those platforms first and get it out of your system.

Provide context & Stay Relevant to the Group’s Topics

  • Off topics (anything not associated with this group) maybe removed or moved to a different Group at the discretion of the admins/moderators.
  • As much as possible, please start new topics in their own thread, not as a reply to an irrelevant thread.

Spam / Promotional Content

  • Any (self)promotional links/comments/requests/offers/services are removed, unless pre-approved by admins (you can seek admin approval from Contact Admin tab of the group. If we decide that your content/service/offer/request is helpful for the Group, we’d allow it or likely publish it ourselves and tag you within the post.
  • We encourage contributors to organically expand their reputation and market themselves through Leaderboard. A great way of doing that is by adding your promotional/website links in the About section of your profile and rank on our Leaderboards to increase the traffic to your profiles.
  • Please do not post links to an external website directly in groups or forums. If you are Blogger/YouTuber/Vlogger, you can promote your content on ImmiSocial through Guest Blog and share the approved guest blog with the group/forum audience. You can also share your personal immigration story. Head over to our Guest Blog section to learn more.
  • Admins could publish some promotional posts if they assess it’s within the interest of the Group.
  • We all hate spam, and thankfully there’s an easy way to report a spam post. Please click on “Report” and admin team of this group will be notified for review. We go the extra mile and block spammer’s IP and not merely block such accounts.

Report community guideline violations. We’re here.

  • If you see a post within the feed that violates these guidelines, flag it! Our Community Mods will step in to contact the member privately or remove the offending post.
  • Each post has “Report” button with options to provide violation details to Admin.

When Group Rules are not followed

  • If a post/comment/member has been reported twice, it will be automatically placed under Admin Review and hidden from community until the review is complete. 

At the discretion of the Groups’ admins/moderators, following possible actions might be taken for violating our community guidelines (without obligatory sending warnings to members before or after taking following actions)

  • All posts/comments from said user are deleted, and/or user is banned from ImmiSocial and/or user IP is also blocked.
  • If you’re penalized/banned from the Group but you have got strong arguments that you just didn’t break the Groups’ rules and you would like to rejoin that Group – you’ll need to contact us directly along with your information/arguments.


Groups are intended solely for knowledge sharing, networking & convenience purposes only. The information here must not be treated as legal advice. All applicants must be aware that IRCC is the primary and only “official source of information” for all Canada immigration applications. In the event of any discrepancy between the information on this group and that provided by the IRCC, the results provided by IRCC shall govern, in accordance with provisions of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, and Minister’s Instructions issued under IRPA s.10.3.

Step 3: Group Discussions Tab

If you understand Step 1 & 2 then jump on to “Group Discussions” tab and enjoy the group